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Fiberglass Batt Insulation & Vapour Barrier

Quality Insulation Contracting at Competitive Rates

If your renovation or construction project requires an affordable insulation solution, look no further than fibreglass batt with vapour barrier by Lynch Insulation.

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About Fiberglass Batt Insulation

Fiberglass batting has been around since the early 1900’s, while 6 mil polyethylene plastic has only been used as a vapour barrier since the early 2000’s. Prior to 6 mil, paper, foil and newspaper were considered vapour barriers. 

Batt insulation and vapour barrier is truly the standard cost effective solution for adding a layer of thermal resistance to your home.

While material such as cellulose and spray foam have a higher R value, Rock wool insulation is the only fire resistant material acknowledged by CCMC.  

From home renovations to new construction, fiberglass insulation in general is by far the most affordable product able to serve its purpose just as well as its competitors.

Batt Insulation
Close up of fiberglass batt insulation

About Proper Installation

Installing fiberglass batt insulation may look straightforward on the surface, however, there are many potential problems that improper installation can lead to.

Thermal Bridging is when an improper installation has left voids between the insulation and vapour barrier. This is prone to mildew & mold growth as moisture will begin to collect in these voids.

Heat Loss is more or less a crucial side effect from an improper installation. While fiberglass typically has lower R values than other materials, you want to ensure a proper installation and utilize the full R value of what you’re putting in.

Frozen Pipes are another side effect that can occur due to improper installation of insulation. This can potentially be the most costly scenario if your pipes burst open due to the freezing.

Insulation during Renovation

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