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Soundproofing Through Science and Experience. Sounds Good!

Do you miss peace and quiet? We do too!
Soundproof your home to limit the sounds of footsteps, loud TV’s, music, or even loud neighbours. Traditional batt insulation can work wonders when paired with the soundproofing expertise of Lynch Insulation!

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About Sound

Think of sound as a series of waves that travel through the air. These waves can be altered when they hit interior walls in your home or other surfaces. 

The vibrations from these waves will continue through the wall and beyond depending on the loudness.

Looking back on our elementary school education, we know that sound can be controlled by muffling the source of the sound – or the barrier that we don’t want the sound to travel through.


Sound Wave

Rockwool Safe & Sound Insulation

What’s the solution for interior walls? Rockwool Safe and Sound (formerly Roxul) insulation.

Among Rockwool’s many features (such as being fire retardant), it is also the best sound absorbing construction material used today.

We install the Rockwool in any interior wall or on the underside of any floor between the studs or joists. This creates a soundproofing layer from one room to the other, and from one floor to the next.

This drastically reduces and often eliminates noise pollution coming from within your home, or from outside of your home.

Rockwool safe and sound

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