Insulation Removal

We're Famous for Installing Insulation... But Sometimes We Must Work in Reverse!

Insulation removal can be a gruelling process. If you’re renovating or have other reason to remove insulation, such as mold or animal infestation, contact Lynch Insulation to take care of this exhausting and frustrating task.

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Why Remove Insulation and Associated Risks

For most homeowners there are two main reasons for needing to remove old insulation.

  • Mold remediation
  • Wildlife/animal urine or feces

It’s also possible that your attic insulation could include vermiculite, which could contain the deadly carcinogen known as asbestos.

Sadly there is never a great reason to remove insulation, and it isn’t easy work. With the variety of materials and risks involved it is highly recommended to contact us for a consultation.

Together we can plan the best path forward.

Squirrel in Attic
Squirrel in the Attic!

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