Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Choose Lynch Insulation?

A better Question would be Why Not? Lynch Insulation is a family oriented insulation company that recognizes the environmental impact proper insulation has made in the construction industry. With every customer being our top priority, we must also think of planet Earth!

While we respect our larger competitors, we acknowledge that they are “larger” competitors covering an even larger service area. This can potentially lead to extremely long wait times just to receive an estimate! At Lynch Insulation, we understand that not every job can wait.

With our targeted 100 km service area, no job is to big or to small for our team of professional insulation installers!

Rest assured you can have an estimate/consultation the following day with one call to Lynch Insulation.

What is Lynch Insulation's Service Area?

Based out of Waterford, Ontario, Lynch Insulation is proudly serving the immediate area and goes as far as 100 KM from Waterford. Contractors with a history of working with us may leave a special request to complete work outside this 100 km radius. Join the many local homeowners and Contractors alike are using Lynch Insulation.

What can I Expect from a Consult/Estimate?

We first elaborate on the goal to be achieved with all parties concerned. including contractors, home owners and landlords etc. After determining the service(s) needed, a thorough examination of the job site is taken to make note of any specifics along with measurements.

For example; if you’re looking to reduce heat loss in your home, the recommended service in most scenarios would be an insulation top up in the attic. From there, an inspection is done throughout the attic to take any measurements and note any specifics (depth of existing insulation, signs of wildlife, mold etc.) after the inspection you’ll immediately know your current R-value, the square footage of the attic as well as any other details you may not have known.

What is the Standard Order of Operations?

From the arrival of our crew, protection is placed where necessary by drop-sheets and plastic. It is important to note that (while protected) a window or door may be used as an access for any attic work to be completed. No job is complete until a thorough cleanup is performed by the crew.

By the time we’re ready to leave, your home will be as clean is it was prior to our arrival!

What are Signs an Insulation Upgrade is Overdue?

Not every home is in desperate need of an insulation upgrade, but there are definitely tell-tale signs that your home could be a little more energy efficient.

  • Furnace or central air is running frequently if not constantly.
  • Noticeable cold spots in area(s) of your home.
  • The use of space heaters are almost needed constantly.
  • Your utility bills are fairly high year-round.
  • Condensation and potential mold forming on ceilings and walls.
  • An unfinished section of your home is visibly without insulation.
  • Walls and floors are cold to the touch.
  • Your homes heat dissipates quickly in winter.